candyskies: I just want to say that your fem!Kaneki art is the freaking cutest and me and my gf are now rping and writing fics with her and doing fem!shuuneki. I should have followed you sooner tbh I love your tg art.

thanks ;; 

slumberingprince: fuck omg i just realised i bought some of your prints at a con before and i started following you bcoz of tokyo ghoul and now im like in shock -- BUT i'll like tsukiyama getting bullied as a print a lot ouo >u>

orly??? i only went to one con so far which is like EOY 2013 tho… but nice!! you still remembered

as for tsuki print wellll idk if i can make one happen anytime soon haha i am still unemployed and no $$$ to even do printing orz

kill-la-penguindrum: what body shape do you use when drawing Homura and Madoka?? I just can't seem to get them and their flat chested selves to work with the bodies i try to draw for them.

hmmm I dont draw them often, it is like 1, 2 times so their body shapes is super inconsistent for me

but I CAN TRY DRAWING HOMUMADO FOR YOU! i am pretty curious to how am able i actually draw them myself actually


mikkotto: Hey hey, would you ever consider putting up a print up of your art of tsukiyama getting bullied by the girls? :)

hmm never thought of it

that depends how many people want to have tsuki being bullied on their walls