kookaiz: I was wondering, will you ever make a TG print for your shop? Your art is amazingly cute btw <3

if i made a print of kaneki domming tied up tsukiyama will anyone buy it

storenvy customers!!

To those who bought stuff from my store from around 7 August, please rate my store if you can when you have received the mail so I know if you have received it safely!

It isn’t the first time I ever sent stuff overseas at all but I still get a bit paranoid once in a while whether stuff comes damaged or not or even come at all, so general feedback will be nice!



»>STOREENVY LINK! getting rid of leftovers!

I made a storeenvy account not long ago, I am quite new to this but lets try! I put up leftovers stuff from 239123809 years ago so I have nothing much atm, but it will be nice if I can get rid of them ;_:! but in the future I will try sell things using this more often…!

madoka print is sold out and more orders are shipped! pokemon print and postcards still on sale tho!

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