mikkotto: Hey hey, would you ever consider putting up a print up of your art of tsukiyama getting bullied by the girls? :)

hmm never thought of it

that depends how many people want to have tsuki being bullied on their walls



»>STOREENVY LINK! getting rid of leftovers!

I made a storeenvy account not long ago, I am quite new to this but lets try! I put up leftovers stuff from 239123809 years ago so I have nothing much atm, but it will be nice if I can get rid of them ;_:! but in the future I will try sell things using this more often…!

madoka print is sold out and more orders are shipped! pokemon print and postcards still on sale tho!

shop still open! I hope everyone who ordered from August 11 onwards received their stuff properly!

kookaiz: I was wondering, will you ever make a TG print for your shop? Your art is amazingly cute btw <3

if i made a print of kaneki domming tied up tsukiyama will anyone buy it